CWON Australia is the Children’s Welfare Organization of Nepal – Australia.

We work in partnership with CWON (Nepal), CWON Oost-Vlaanderen (Belgium) and our sister-organization- Student Volunteer Placements International (SVPI) (Australia).

Our inaugural AGM was on the 25th of June 2011 and our registration as an Incorporated Organization was approved 3rd May 2011.

INC: 9895198

ABN: 58 473 088 793

(Financial records available upon request)

Who we are

President: Calida Neal

Secretary: Benita Morris & Treasurer: Neville Neal

What we do

CWON works in the Chitwan region of Nepal with people that have been displaced by 10 years of civil war as well as natural disasters such as floods and landslides. Currently we are focusing on the Chepang hills, where hundreds of families live well below the poverty line and must survive on just a few dollars per day, foregoing basic hygiene and healthcare.

CWON Australia runs hygiene training and health camps as part of our volunteer program each year. We are also committed to providing basic infrastructure, such as wells and sanitary blocks, to villages in Chitwan.

History of CWON Australia

Our relationship with Nepal started in 2004 when Neville and Benita (co-founders of CWON) were on holidays in Nepal and met two brothers called Keshab and Rajendra Khanal.