We are currently fundraising to help a young girl called Samjana.

13-year-old Samjana was found by our team of healthcare volunteers during our October 2017 health camp in the Chepang hills. She has a massive infection in her foot and we feared that she would require an amputation of her foot. This sweet little girl managed to recover from the infection. While she was in the hospital it was discovered that she had a meningocele (neural tube defect) that has been causing damage to her spinal cord. She underwent surgery to remove it and now faces a long road of recovery and rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, the neurologist doesn’t think there is any hope for improvement in terms of the damage to the spinal cord, but at least by getting the growth removed it will prevent further damage from occurring. Samjana is so shy it is hard to get a clear assessment of the level of sensation and functioning she has. We know she can’t feel her feet at all (hence all of the injuries that she doesn’t notice), but she can walk with the aid of a stick so she has some control of her leg movement, but cannot feel or move her feet.

We recently found her again with another bad infection. Plans are currently being made to change her living situation to stop this from happening again and again.  We need your help to make sure she gets through this.

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