Village Childcare Centres

CWON Australia is currently funding the operational costs of the Padampur and Manihari childcare centres. The Padampur centre was built by CWON supporters from Belgium in order to provide care for children between the ages of 2 and 5 while their parents are away working. The Manihari centre was completed in late 2013 and was funded by donations to CWON from Australian volunteers.

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CWON Australia childcare project - Young Nepalese kid

Previously many parents had to leave their young children alone during the day in order to work enough hours to provide food for their families. Some mothers have told us that before the childcare centres operated they had to tie their children up during the day to keep them from wandering off and getting lost while they worked in the nearby jungle.

CWON Australia childcare project - young kids sitting in a circle about to eat

As well as providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children to play, the centres provides the children with one high protein meal each day and new clothing throughout the year.
CWON Volunteer
The day-to-day running of the centres is undertaken by local women with the children’s mothers taking turns to help out at the centres.

CWON Australia childcare project - young kids playing

Child sponsorship is a successful tactic used by many charities to help support the world’s poorest children with varying degrees of success. However CWON Australia believes that the best way to help the most vulnerable children in Padampur and Manihari is to become a ‘childcare centre sponsor’. This will provide support to all of the most vulnerable children in the villages instead of just one child.

CWON Australia childcare project - young children eating

The running cost of each of the centres is $6000 per annum. We are currently looking for sponsors willing to provide ongoing support to the centre with $250 per year. This amount can be made in monthly instalments of $21. The childcare centre sponsors will receive updates on the children at the centres.