Support for elderly and disabled people

Devgat Elders Home:

We have been visiting the beautiful elderly people in Devgat for 3 years now. In exchange for a ‘dal bhat’ lunch and some fruit and sweets we are given a dance performance by some of the more active residents.

The facilities in Devgat are rudimentary. The elders must clean and cook for themselves most of the time and access to medications and healthcare is limited.

We are currently looking for sponsorship so that we can develop a sustainable program to help our friends at Devgat.

If you are interested in helping to sponsor these elderly people please contact us.

Support for vulnerable individuals in Padampur village:

During 2013 CWON Australia supports the living expenses of four vulnerable families in Padampur. The people/families we support are: blind SantaMaya, Stone collecting SantaMaya, a man who cannot work due to a hernia (due to his age and ill health it was decided not to operate) and Sunita’s family. Sunita and her cousins are looked after by their paternal grandparents who are elderly, in poor health and unable to work. We pay $300 per month to CWON Nepal to facilitate these families receiving food (including meat one time a week) and medical expenses for these families. This amount also includes a small wage for Kumala, the young lady who buys and distributes the food. She also takes great care of these families and organizes medical attention if needed.


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