Healthcare in the Hills

In October 2017, a team of Melbourne university nursing students conducted a health camp in the village of Kolbhanjyang, an isolated Chepang village.

We are currently raising money to help a young girl called Samjana, who we met during the health camp.

Please read her story here:

Our next expedition will be in November 2024. It is designed for Australian healthcare professionals, students and general volunteers to undertake healthcare and health promotion program.

The villages that we work in in the Chepang Hills, Chitwan are only reached after a strenuous 4-5-hour trek from the trailhead. It represents a forgotten region of Nepal, missing out on the help provided to more popular and accessible areas.

Our team will be will be returning to the hills in November 2024 to deliver a program that focuses on providing healthcare to people in this remote area, providing family planning/hygiene education and distributing much needed menstrual kits to the women.

If you’re keen on joining our team you will need to be able to cope with very basic sleeping, food and hygiene conditions for about a week and hike up to 5 hours over the steep and rough terrain. The program is designed for healthcare people at least third-year nursing students/RN’s or final year med students/MO’s. There are also some opportunities for people without healthcare qualifications that are keen to help out with health and hygiene education programs.

To apply: