Sapraini Water Project

In 2016 CWON received a generous $10,000 AUD donation from the University of Melbourne to fund a water project in the village of Saprini in the Chepang Hills, Chitwan. This project provides clean water to hundreds of people living in the isolated hillside.

Visits to Sapraini during 2017 have found that the health, hygiene and overall quality of life in Sapraini have substantially improved due to access to clean water.

Our Belgian counterparts (CWON Oost-Vlaanderen) have recently funded a childcare centre in Sapraini, which will allow young children to be cared for and educated while their parents are away working.

The Sapraini Water Project Featured in the national Nepalese media:

Childcare Centre Sapraini: CWON Oost-Vlaanderen