Housing project- Padampur

During the CWON 2011 volunteer program, three elderly women were identified who needed immediate assistance. The conditions they were living in were extremely dangerous. CWON initiated a housing project for these three women raising $750 AUD ($250 AUD was paid for each of the houses). Our project was featured in the ‘Kathmandu Times’.

From this time until mid-2013 CWON Australia supported the living expenses of these women and their families in Padampur. Donations of $300 AUD per month were transferred to CWON Nepal to facilitate these families receiving food (including meat one time a week) and medical expenses for these families. This amount also includes a small wage for Kumala, the young lady who buys and distributes the food. She also takes great care of these families and organizes medical attention if needed.

The circumstances of these women have now improved, and they are all living independently and being supported by extended family.